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Zen Meditation Practice – 4 Week Introduction Course

Zen Meditation – 4 Week Introduction Course, with Mark Kuren Westmoquette

23rd September to 14th October 2022, at 12:00 to 1:00 pm

In these 4 classes, Mark will introduce you to the basics of Zen practice, including some historical context, guided meditations,  and an introduction to Zen koans (questions).

Zen is an eminently practical path to finding and becoming your true self.

Created over centuries of blending Buddhism with Chinese and Japanese ideals, Zen focusses on the experiential understanding we find when we truly look at ourselves and the world around us.

Yes it can lead it to us becoming more “zen” (as in, calm, collected and grounded), but really it’s about becoming more authentically ourselves.

As we do that, we find a basis for living that’s not based on want, but on wisdom and compassion.

Mark Kuren Westmoquette is a senior dharma teacher with the Zenways sangha based in London.

He was given permission to teach in 2016 after spending some time as a Zen monk and undertaking a 400-mile pilgrimage walk through the UK surviving only on alms.

Cost: £56.00 for 4 week course – Limited Availability

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