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Julia Ormit

Having started the practises of yoga by pure chance because a friend dragged her along one Saturday morning it didn’t take long for this experience to take over all aspects of Julia’s life.

Coming from a background of psychological studies Julia especially sees value in the transformative power of the practise- whether intended or not the practise will not leave you untouched.

Taking the approach of working with the body, it all comes down to training the mind.

Overcoming one’s own self limiting beliefs and most importantly recognising them as the first step is what the sometimes demanding physical practise is aiming for.

By focusing on breath, bandha and drishti the dynamic work on the mat is meant to create the space needed to closely observe the mind and it’s habitual ways.

Having practised different styles of yoga for more than a decade such as Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Dharma Yoga,

Julia hopes to combine the most valuable aspects of those into her dynamic Vinyasa Flow classes, finding the right balance between active engagement and relaxation.

With a strong focus on alignment and breath her classes are trying to give each student the right level of challenge according to his or her ability, adjusting and deepening the practise with hands-on assists whenever needed- and hopefully giving the students the chance to evolve and surprise themselves.

Having learned and grown mostly in the Jivamukti method Julia tries to include all aspects of yoga

Into each class, leaving time and space for pranayama (breathwork), meditation and chanting/ study of scripture beyond the mere physical asana practise.

Being as much a student as a teacher Julia would like to give thanks to the teachers constantly making her deepen the practise of yoga: Cat Alip-Douglas, Jules Febre, Stewart Gilchrist, Emi Tull and Marcus Veda, to just name a few.