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Imbolc Shamanic Sound Healing Circle with Cacao and Willow 2nd Feb 2023

Thursday 2nd February 2023 at 7:45 – 10pm

Imbolc is the earliest of the Celtic spring celebrations. The first shoots and the appearance of snowdrops herald the spring that is to come, in the outer worlds of nature and in our hearts.

On Imbolc the emphasis is on the rising light of Spring emerging from the creative feminine waters. It is the only one of the eight Celtic festivals given entirely to the Mother Goddess under many names, Bridgit being the central one. As the new seed of the year’s light begins to grow, we celebrate the return of the goddess to the land. 

Although February is a harsh and cold month, signs of new life gradually start to appear, lambs are born and the earth begins to be green again. The lady of spring has brought back the glowing light.

The Celtic festival of Imbolc is also where the Willow Tree stands in the wheel of the year. Willow’s energy is to feel what needs to be felt, to let go of old emotions, letting out feelings, and following our intuition into action. 

You are invited to join this celebration of the coming spring, through Ritual, Ceremonial Cacao, Sacred Sound and Willow. Come and be nourished. 

At the core of our ritual is a Shamanic Sound Journey, with Gongs, Tibetan bowls, Native American flutes, and other percussive instruments. 

Cacao, Sound and Willow work beautifully together. 

Kindly note the doors open at 7:45pm for a prompt start at 8pm when the ritual will begin. 

Yoga mats, pillows and blankets are provided. You are invited to wear comfortable clothes, and to eat a light meal prior to the journey. Kindly note this event is not suitable for pregnant women in their first trimester and people fitted with a pacemaker. 

Ticket prices: 

£30 (low income)

£35 (standard)

£40 (supporter – comes with a free yoga class at held)

Refund policy: Please note we do not arrange refunds or exchanges.