We are a friendly and welcoming bunch who

are committed to creating a safe space that is

fully inclusive and respectful of a diverse community.

We offer a space that will lovingly and gently nourish the soul.

For the soft to overcome the hard; the flexible the stiff.

To be still. To be silent. To be held.

We aspire to create a serene sanctuary for the body and mind. As we begin our journey in our new space, we warmly invite inspiring teachers, healers and practitioners to join us in building our community here and together. Sharing what we truly believe and offering yoga, breathwork, sound healing, meditation, holistic therapies and ceremonies

Tue 24 May 2022 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

You are warmly invited to come and be held inside a ceremonial container of sound, to revive your connection with yourself. Let the therapeutic application of tones, harmonics and frequencies bring you into a state of harmony and health.