Constantly flowing between passion and laziness, action and passiveness.

After landing the last pirouettes at the age of 18, I hung up the ballet shoes and I completed Pharmacy School in Italy, to start my career as a healthcare professional in London.

In my quest for a practice that combined the fierceness and the gracefulness of the barre work with elements spirituality and self-awareness, I found yoga. The curiosity to explore the human body and the ruminations of the mind, made me travel long distances to practice different styles with a plethora of teachers.

The stamina of the Vinyasa practice, the discipline of the Ashtanga tradition, the selflessness of Dharma, the control of Iyengar and the creativity of Rocket gave me the lightness to fly while grounding me profoundly.

As a ballet dancer I was told I was too short to play the prince. Today I play the warrior, the dancer, the monkey, the crow and many other ‘roles’, during the same show!