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Dream Circle

Dream Circle

with Patrycja Jackson

Friday 9th, 7:45 – 10:00PM

Dreams have always spoken to us.  In the ancient traditions dreams were considered a guiding source of wisdom and knowledge. Gathering in dreams circles, learning from their symbolic language was a standard practice.

Modern Dream Circles aims to restore that ancient tradition and facilitate a process in which we gain deeper understanding of our psychological life, as individuals and, collectively, as a society.

Every night our psyche communicates with us through the use of symbolic and archetypal imagery. C.G. Jung, the founder of Analytical Psychology saw dreams as the gateway to our inner life. He considered dreams as the guiding and aligning element on our path to consciousness.

Jung worked with dreams using an active technique via which a dialogue between conscious and unconscious parts of our psychological life could be established, opening the door to the guiding Self.

Our Dream Circle is based on this Jungian model and will be held and facilitated by Patrycja Jackson, who is a jungian psychotherapist.

In the Dream Circle we will create a space where dreams can be shared, and processed. We will focus on the wisdom and knowledge embedded in dream symbols. During the gathering we will learn about a wide range of dreams and how to engage with them.

We will connect to the healing aspect of the dream as well as its self-regulatory function. We will explore the symbolic, mythical and archetypal layer of dreams and learn how to deepen our understanding of ourselves and of the world we live in.

Moon Milk

Each Dream Circle has its ceremonial opening – Bison Grass Moon Milk is served to support us through the journey.

Moon Milk is a warm drink derived from Ayuverdic traditions and here at @held we made ours using a sacred Bison Grass and a plant-base milk and spices that differ every month in harmony with the rhythm of the changing seasons.

Bison Grass

Patrycja’s Dream Circles are always open with the ceremonial burning of bison grass.

This sacred plant is native to Europe and North America and grows in cold and damp areas. Patrycja usually collects bison grass during the Summer Solstice from her native Białowieża Forest in Poland – which is the oldest forest in Europe.

Long tied to religious practices – both in North America where it was burned as incense, and in Europe where it was used to cover the floors at the entrances of churches. Its scientific name comes from the Greek “hierochloe” meaning “sacred grass”, and “odorata” meaning “fragrant”.

Smudging bison grass is used for purification of the spirit, and attracting positive, light energy. It’s sweet, vanilla-like scent gives a calming effect when used during rituals and circles. This special herb has been called the sacred hair of Mother Earth in the Slavic shamanic tradition

Patrycja Jackson is a fully qualified psychologist (MSc. Clinical Psych.) and a jungian psychotherapist. Before establishing her private practice,

Patrycja worked as the head of a psychotherapy unit in a private clinic in London. Herclinical work is rooted in Jungian Analytical Psychology.

This involves a symbolic approach to the psyche which takes into account its healing and self-regulatory aspects.

Patrycja’s knowledge and interest in comparative mythology and religion is also central to the way she works and it informs her multicultural approach to the therapeutic relationship.

The individual’s quest for wholeness and individuation, a central tenet of analytical psychology is at the core of Patrycja’s approach to her work with her clients.

In addition to her clinical work, Patrycja is the author of numerous workshops for women based on the Great Mother archetype, which she periodically facilitates in London and Europe.

Her extensive knowledge and experience in dream-work also led her to found and facilitate a Dream Circle, which takes place in various locations in East London and online.

“I believe that the developmental aspect of our conscious Psyche is now ready to shift, receive, re-connect and assimilate the wisdom of ancient traditions.

We have never been more disconnected from ourselves. Modern Dream Circles, as a form of balancing our mental health, should be as accessible as yoga and pilates classes.” – Patrycja Jackson

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