Come and join Farrah and Roxy for a day retreat at held wellness centre in the heart of Shoreditch.

We will start the day with Roxy leading a Spine and Mobility health workshop. More than 1 in 4 people suffer with back pain. Our busy lifestyles and deskbound jobs are often contributors to this. From a physiological perspective, tightness in the hip flexors, a weak core and glutes are often the physical symptoms of our suffering. However, in ancient wisdom the spine is often referred to as the ‘axis of our being,’ it is the connector between earth and the cosmic forces above. It is no surprise then that all seven chakras run along the spine. Roxy will combine mobility and stretching, along with breathwork, meditation and gentle exercise to strengthen and mobilise the spine. We aim to release any areas of stress and tension to allow the free flow of energy along the spinal pathway.

After a short smoothy break you will then be taken through a ritual using Blue Lotus, Cacao and breathwork.

Blue Lotus

The blue lotus flower (Nymphaea caerulea) is a water lily found in Africa and Asia. Egyptians have relied on the benefits of the blue lotus flower since ancient times. This flower was symbolic for the rising and setting of the sun and is linked to the creation story of the Sun God Ra. Blue Lotus is packed with bioactive compounds that can help to relieve anxiety, uplift your spirits, boost sexuality, and help you sleep. This tea can also aid lucid dreaming. A perfect tea to accompany a sound journey.


Cacao has been used in ceremony since ancient times to nourish our physical and energetic bodies. Cacao is known as the ‘Food of the Gods’ and has the potential to open a gateway to explore and touch the depth of our soul, thereby creating a finer healing ability and remembrance. Cacao is known to open your heart, heighten meditation, enhance energy, develop creativity, and bring peace and mental clarity. Cacao is medicine for the heart, connecting us with the healing frequency that is love.

Following the ritual, you will be taken on a Shamanic Sound Healing Journey with Gongs, Tibetan bowls, Native American flutes, and other percussive instruments. These powerful healing frequencies entrain our brainwaves into deeper meditative states, helping to bring stillness and balance. Through the principles of resonance, entrainment, and intention, it is possible to use sound to bring the body back into harmony.

Blue Lotus, Cacao and Sound when combined, all work beautifully together, especially when the body is open and aligned after the spine and mobility work.

Kindly note the doors open at 10:30am for a prompt start at 11am.

Yoga mats, pillows and blankets are provided by HELD. You are invited to wear comfortable clothes, and to eat a light breakfast. Kindly note this event is not suitable for pregnant women in their first trimester and people fitted with a pacemaker.

Meet Roxy

Roxy is a trauma informed space holder, bodyworker and behavioural change specialist. She’s worked in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years at some of London’s most prestigious gyms and private members clubs. She now works with corporates and private clients to provide a bespoke wellness service that integrates the wellbeing of body, mind and Spirit.

Roxy is also a Kambô practitioner and has been studying and working with indigenous cultures for many years. It is her intention to amplify the voices of indigenous wisdom keepers whilst acting as a bridge between our two cultures; to share knowledge, to provide a safe space for healing and to help each individual transmute their pain and suffering.

Meet Farrah

Farrah is a Singer, a Sound Healer, and Defence Lawyer. Her passion is to inspire others to heal themselves and make change. Farrah qualified as a Gong Practitioner at the College of Sound Healing, where she remains a member. She uses the healing power of frequencies, whether through her voice or instruments, to heal and bring balance. Her love of nature and Sound led her to study Shamanism with various indigenous elders, who have educated and inspired her to work as a Sound Healer. Farrah first begun her journey with indigenous elders 16 years ago, she has strong ties with the Huichol of Mexico and the Huni Kuin of the Amazon, who inspire her singing. Farrah still practises Law and has a healing room in Bethnal Green. She also runs Sound Healing Circles.

Ticket prices: £85

Refund policy: Please note we do not arrange refunds or exchanges.