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Samuel Deschamps

Want to add Virtuoso to your Vinyasas and bridge the gap between your Asanas, with Arm balances and inversions?

This workshop will help you find the building blocks to do so, understanding the mechanics and architecture needed in the body to progress your balance, strength and awareness, and implement them into your practice.

Workshop breakdown

INTRO 15 minutes
meet and greet including questions, sharing experience longterm goals, people’s movement background,

WARM UP 45 minutes
Breath, Warm up, mobility, proprioception core and shoulder conditioning, drills, partner work.

30 minutes
Crow/side crow transitions, to headstand chataranga, arm balances.

BREAK 15 minute

25 minutes
Dolphin, Pincha Mayurasana, transitions,
Conditioning and Allignment.

25 minutes
Handstands, Kick up, bunny hop, press work, transitions conditioning and Allignment.

10 minutes
Cool down, Stretch, discussion.

Cost £35.00